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Biopharmaceutical Lab

AHU and Exhaust System Replacement
Boca Raton, FL

Davila Engineering provided MEPFP engineering services for the demolition and replacement of a 10,000 CFM custom rooftop unit and associated Exhaust System with new NOA compliant . The new HVAC system serves plasma fractionation lab requiring meticulous planning to maintain low temperatures essential for the process. The primary challenges include keeping the room at -5 ℃ to -3 ℃ during the process and ensuring ethanol, a key separation agent, remains below its 13 ℃ f lashpoint . DE designed the new custom air handling units to be a highly integrated and robust system capable dehumidifying the air to single digit grains/lb of moisture and providing the air changes and temperatures necessary to maintain the fractionation process stable. The custom system also employed bespoke DDC control sequences capable of monitoring space temperatures within tight bandwidth and simultaneously providing the facility with real-time monitoring & alarms.

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