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CIMCO - Florida Distributing Facility

Refrigeration Equipment Upgrade
Orlando, FL

Davila Engineering provided MEPFP engineering design for Florida Distributing Company’s refrigeration equipment upgrade. The project consisted of demolishing and removing the existing ammonia refrigeration system (to include piping) and replacing it with a freon system within the controlled temperature environment. The new freon system consisted of (2) split system Air Turnover Units. The existing Keg cooler’s ammonia system was demolished and replaced with new Mohave Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System, a heat pump based design consisting of a vertical discharge condensing unit matched to unit coolers. Featuring a state-of-the-art electronic defrost controller, the system operates in all outdoor ambient temperatures and uses a proprietary control scheme to automatically adjust to changing conditions so that the system continues to operate at its most optimal level. Davila Engineering was also tasked with designing the construction phasing and hazardous ammonia disposal and recovery sequence.

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